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    Semi-Automatic Bike Body Cover | Universal Size Full Body Bike Cover Water Resistant

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    • COVER ON THE GO- Bike Blazer covers are unlike any general covers, they come with a hassle free device. Install the device on your bike as instructed in the manual. The cover takes only 30 seconds to install. Unlike any other accessories, this cover will truly protect your two wheeler.
    • ALL WEATHER RESISTENT- The cover is made from Nylon Taffeta, a premium quality fabric. It is waterproof, UV protected and dries completely in a few seconds. It can withstand all weather conditions from harsh mountain climates to Mumbai rains. The colour does not fade and lasts for 2-3 years.
    • SCRATCH FREE COVER- The smooth fabric cover protects your bike against scratches unlike other harsh materials. It protects your mirror, tank, tyres against scratches. The full coverage helps maintain your bike’s condition against all weather.
    • RUST FREE DEVICE- The device is 100% mechanical, anti-theft, anti-vibration and comes with a special coating to protect under all conditions. It does not require any oiling or maintainance. The device is rust free, dust free and is unaffected by harsh chemicals.
    • WARRANTY- Our bike covers are original and patented. We have a replacement warranty of 3 months for the cover and device. You can buy replacement cover or device separately in event of a casualty.
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    Universal Bike Water Resistant Bike Cover (Dark Blue & Silver)

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    Bike Cover

    Solimo Bike Cover protects your bike from damage induced by moisture, rust, and minor scratches, when the vehicle is stationed outdoors. Designed with water resistant material, the abrasion-resistant cover is customized to match your bike’s specifications and precisely secure the vehicle with its snug fit. The robust cover features mirror pockets on either side to protect the protruding side mirrors of the bike. The edges also feature a clip lock at the bottom which can be secured to keep the cover in place, particularly during strong winds. Maximum protection from the elements is ensured as the cover shields the bike from direct exposure to the sun, which in turn prevents the paint or vehicle hardware from wearing out. The full-coverage bike cover also helps to protect the vehicle from splatter and animal or bird excrement.